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*March 2016 (corporate event)

"Flight 5481 UNRAVELED"
Corporate Flight Department Aircraft Maintenance Training

*March 2016

"Automation and Flight Performance" presentation


"inspiring initiatives"

TeenDriverNation.com (coming soon)

Teen driver accidents are the number one killer of youth in the United States.* After TC's daughter was involved in a serious car accident in late 2014 he decided to get involved by developing focused teen driver training. TC states, "I feel that teen drivers could benefit from the tools and techniques we have used in aviation to enhance safety."

*In the accident activity category.

"Flight 5481 UNRAVELED" New Online Course. Also available as a webinar and live seminar for pilots and maintenance professionals. See the complete details (click here).

TinyHomeRising (coming soon)

TC has a diverse amount of interest including the new rage of owner built tiny homes. TC says, "There is a lot of information on the web about tiny homes but we want to focus on the novice builder on a budget. While it's great that there are high end homes we want to focus on those people wanting simply their life and finances."

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Remote Pilot Certification Study Guide


"How to Save Money on Flight Training"
Overcoming the 80% drop-out rate while saving big bucks on learning to fly.

*Now available via Gumroad new digital delivery partner.