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I grew up in an aviation family, my father was department head of the largest community college aviation program in North Carolina and uncle a Captain on Boeing 757 for Eastern Airlines. In addition to aviation, influences in music ran deep in my as well. Most of my family members played a musical instrument and several had reached great levels of success. The Freeman family originally from Pinehurst, NC played in several notable "Big Bands," and were the official house band at the Pinehurst Country Club and Golf Course. My aunt attended the Cincinnati Conservatory for Music (Organ and Piano). A talented cousin of my same age produced, wrote and performed rock style music for many years and was on the verge of larger successes but tragically passed away unexpectedly in his early 40's. Interestingly from a young age I was always fascinated at what people did in my family.  Many people thought I would go into music and my cousin, whose father flew for the airlines, would be the pilot but the reverse happened. As my maturity developed I wanted to know what made people "tick," what they were interested in and why?

I am the proud father of young adult twin daughters that are now both attending college and working part time. When the topic of life and careers come up I do my best to express to them things I've learned along the way. While they don't take all of the advice I offer I realize that a parent can only do so much, so my real hope and main suggestion is that they seek wise-council. Achieving pilot credentials and associated degrees requires significant focus and long term effort. High achievement didn't come natural, I was an average (some would say below average) student but hit my stride studying aviation in college. I encourage youth in the aviation programs I'm involved to remember that tenacity and persistence can get you further than grades alone. At a all girl high school career day a young lady from the school newspaper asked, "Do you think everyone should go into aviation?" This was a great question and I took a minute to think and responded, "No, my goal and reward is to see people find what truly inspires them, to be happy and fulfilled." 

Over the years it has been interesting to see theme's that repeat themselves in my life. One of these theme's is my interest in careers and seeing people find the work they love. For decades I have been a student of motivation, career planning and human performance, in fact, my daughters say I have an addiction to self-help books. There are definitely worse addictions than books, minus the lack of bookshelf space.

If I can be of service to help people find the intersection of, as Dan Miller says, "passion, talents and opportunity" please don't hesitate to contact me.  

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* At the course participants will receive a course packet consisting of Dan's book, "48 Days to the Work You Love," along with  (DISC) "Personality Profile" and "The Rudder of the Day." Seminar runs from Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (unless otherwise notified). Billed as WingsOfun.com.

I was fortunate to find Dan Miller's book through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) Course. I laugh about it now but Dave's advice in FPU to boost income was to "get a job delivering pizzas," which didn't settle well with me at the time. Being somewhat of a rebel by nature I thought there must be a better way to use my talents than delivering pizza (not that there is anything wrong with pizza delivery). I understood the message behind what Dave was saying which was, don't be too proud to take any job to make ends meet. In his defense he did a very nice job recommending Dan Miller's book, "48 Days to the Work You  Love" as a way to expand job options by exploring your dreams, passions, abilities and opportunity. While I've been a student of career and life success his material shed new light on this topic and has made a profound impact on my life. Fast forward to 2016: I was excited to attend an online presentation by Dan about becoming a course leader for the "48 Days" live seminar.

Maybe you are the middle aged person that has grown children and is looking for passion in their career. Or you are a recent graduate that is having a tough time finding a job and want to find the perfect fit that might not be reflected on the degree hanging on the wall. The great news is that opportunities are abound and all it takes is 48 Days to find work, as Dan says,that is "meaningful, purposeful and profitable."   

We realize time limited and have taken the normal six week course and condensed it down into a weekend immersion course. The advantage of a weekend format is that it ensures participants are "all in" and won't be trying to schedule class time around work, family and other obligations. Additionally, due to the immersion format we are able to offer a discount of over half the normal $795 cost. A discounted price means that we can spread Dan's word to more people, which makes us even more excited.

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We have noticed as disturbing trend in the live seminar industry, high-pressure upselling techniques. As an advocate of life-time learning it has been frustrating sit for hours in a seminar to realize there is no real content, just a high pressure sales pitch for the "real seminar" or special "group" access that alienates non-participating attendees.  

Ethically it is important for us to create a organization for the long term. It is our promise that we will give you first, great content. We will offer extra coaching and services, for example expert resume' services, as we cover the applicable section but the material is the "whole enchilada" as Wayne Dyer (speaker & author) used to say.